Use your time for printing

Inktrays are available for all flexopresses in the industry with an open tray. The product fits perfect in your press and you just put it in, run and take it out. No folding, stamping or other preparations. With our product you will decrease your down time to a minimum and increase your profit from day 1.

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Order by phone:   46 418 567 00

Standard models

Arsoma Gallus 280

Arsoma Gallus 340

Arsoma Gallus 410

Arsoma Gallus 510

Aqua Flex 13"

Grafotronic 280 Print

Grafotronic 380 CL

Mark-Andy 16"

MPS 13"

MPS 20"

Nilpeter F-200

Nilpeter F-2400

Nilpeter F-3000

Nilpeter FA-3300

Nilpeter FB-3300